Discover the fun forms of creativity on the virtual platform

When someone mentions the word “modern art”, the reaction that you get is diverse. While some think that Modern art involves creative imagination, some others think that it is an exaggerated form of art. Whatever is the blended reaction of the people, in reality, modern art has been a great topic of discussion and is here to stay. To develop the art further, exploration is necessary.

Today, everything takes place at a place called the World Wide Web, popularly known as the Internet. Art is not lagging behind and there are new online mediums were the artists and others can express themselves through their work. Keep reading and find out these genuine confines for the artists.

Modern era’s of Creativity on the virtual Platform


Bertran: People have heard of programming codes for software, however, using programming code for poems and poetry is unheard of and unbelievable. Bertran uses the conceptual method to make people see a point of view and to make them understand what the poet is thinking.


Chiptune: Anyone who grew up playing GameBoChiptune111y games and downloading melodious ringtones, Chiptune will be something that would take them down those memory lanes. It gives the composers an edge and challenge to work on their composition with the added feature of testing their skills to create a great number on a platform with limited data input.


Instagram: This platform allows people to upload the photos that they click impromptu. Instagram’s triumph lies in the fact that it gave the public a simple apparatus to display their artistic skills. No matter how low resolution the pictures are, once on Instagram, it looks artistic. It helps in creating a community and the pictures help in sharing the thoughts and opinions with those people in the community.

Indie Games

Indie Games: The gaming portal that gained popularity and attention over the last few years is Indie Games and is at par with other games such as Super Meat Boy, Limbo etc. The creators of these games use fresh and innovative ideas that help them to comindiegame111pete with bigger gaming communities. Additionally, the distribution platform also plays an important role in its popularity and success. These games create an impact because apart from entertaining the players, it also helps them to assert positively on their lives.

The internet has now become the best platform for the people to express themselves through music, games and art. We need to see how it influences the society largely but for the time being, there is no doubt that World Wide Web is the way to go.

Essential Features of Every Standard Business Websites

Building a perfect website that contains all the necessary information about your profile and business is the first step to start any business. The visual implementation of a website and content used in it needs to be carefully analyzed before being open for the customers. If a customer is visiting your website for the first time, then there should be easy navigation buttons for him so that he can navigate through the various links. Moreover the information you want to be reached near the customer should be properly written in a language the customer understands. A business website requires a lot of things to be kept in mind. The first and foremost thing is customer satisfaction and a first impression, after which the same customer will be dragged to your website along with his friends.

Being Trustworthy

When you are using your website as a virtual asset, getting the trust from your audience is very important. Social media can turn up to be such virtual assets which can be used to achieve a certain level of trust from the audience. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are highly appreciated social hubs to start with. Linking your social media profiles to your website with good dynamic widgets can be helpful.

There are several social media widgets available with SEO friendly coding which shows the profiles of those persons who are already in your friends list. The usage of these kinds of social media widgets will surely improve the user’s trust on your website. Because social media usage and its membership is so common now there can be few profiles in the widget who are very close to the user.

Many business firms and product selling organizations sells their products to their online customers by impressing their visitors by beautiful design and organized information. Try to reach to the emotional string of the customer. If your website can get certain level of quality to attract any online visitor and affect his logical thoughts and influence his emotional values about your product, you can easily sell your products and services through your websites.

Below are some useful tips connected with essential features needed for you websites.

Best website navigation design

The design of your website should be simple. Most people like those websites which are easy to navigate, which means finding the stuff they are looking for in the first go. Different web searchers search your website to find information and hence there should be very mechanism for the people to easily navigate through different pages. So the design of your website should be as simple as possible.

Website content visualization

Try to produce good quality content which is unique. Most important factor in website design is content. Publish them regularly to impress the search engine robots. Because search engine robots like Google bots add new cache content into their engines, you can use post user friendly contents to attract Google bots easily.  Moreover, it is also important to remember that the content on each page must be easy to understand for the intended target audience. Quality and valuable content should be created for your website and blogs. If an article contains large word count, then it will get more links.

Website alignment best practices

The design and overall view is one of the chief factors which keeps your customers stuck to the website. The alignment and font size, color should be dealt with much precision. Apart from all these, good navigation options along with good designs always attract regular customers.

Optimized Page Load Time

While optimizing a website with its clear design and easy loading features, we need to analyze the user behavior and nature logically. People may spend very less time if your website takes more time to load. If the server used for hosting your website is too slow or if there is any server problem like low bandwidth, name server errors, it may damage the first image of you website to a great extent.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even if you create the most beautiful website, if the search engines can’t find it, no one ever see or visit it. If you can publish some quality content with your SEO friendly website, it will attract the attention of search engines such as Google quite fast. There are many processes which are incorporated by SEO, involving keywords, Meta tags and descriptions, and they all serve to make websites more efficient to the search engines.

With these few points in mind, you can commence the work of building a business website which will be commercially viable and attractive to the customers as well.

USB 3.1 coming with 10 GB per second speed

USB-3The USBs are changing its top gear by latest version of USB 3.1 which offers 10 gigabits per second speed. The USB 3.1 is aiming to recreate the phenomena of speed. USB 3.1 is the latest version of Universal Serial Bus which was came in use during the late 1990s. Buy introduction of its latest version 3.1 the existing versions of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 will be defeated by a long distance. The USB promoter group have propounded the speed of latest 3.1 will be having up a speed of 10 GB per second.  So the data transfer time required from computers will be highly reduced.

The introduction of USB was in 1990s as universal connectivity protocol device. The initial promoter group for USBs were formed combined by 7 companies including Microsoft, Intel, IBM. The first version of USBs were capable to transfer data in the speed of 12 MB per second. The USB 3.0 version named super speed was came in 2008 and its maximum data transfer speed was 4 GB per second. For identifying the version 3.0 its ports and codes were given blue color. The old versions 2.0 ports and its codes were black in color.

The thunder bolt technology of Apple and its new version is known as the most speedy data transfer and with 20 GB per second speed offered.  As the circle of users of Apple devices is too small and the new version of USB 3.1 will be amazing blessing with 10 GPS speed to the ordinary technology world.

SAAS Software as a Service

SaaS is a software delivery model in which software & associated data are hosted in a cloud. SaaS act as a delivery model for many business applications, including Office & Messaging software, DBMS software, Management software, CAD software, Development software etc. It Implements the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services.

SaaS sales in 2010 reached $10 billion and were projected to increase to $12.1bn in 2011, up 20.7% from 2010. Gartner Group estimates that SaaS revenue will be more than double its 2010 numbers by 2015 and reach a projected $21.3bn. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the largest market for SaaS. Major SaaS Providers include Amazon Web Services, iCloud & Oracle

History Of SaaS

History of Centralized hosting of business applications dates back to the 1960s, when IBM and other service providers operated a service bureau business called Time Sharing/Utility Computing. With the expansion of Internets in 90’s, a new class of centralized computing called Application Service Provider (ASP) was evolved.

 Software as a service essentially extends the idea of the ASP model.
The SAAS acronym allegedly first appeared in an article called “Strategic Backgrounder:  Software As A Service”, internally published in February 2001 by the Software & Information Industry’s (SIIA) e-Business Division.

Limitations & Legal Aspects Of SaaS

Although SaaS offers many strong points such as infrastructure flexibility, faster deployment of applications and data, cost control, adaptation of cloud resources to real needs, improved productivity etc. Several deterrents to the widespread adoption of cloud computing remain reliability, availability of services and data, security, complexity, costs, regulations and legal issues, performance, migration, reversion, the lack of standards, limited customization and issues of privacy.

 As with other changes in the landscape of computing, certain legal issues arise with cloud computing, including trademark infringement, security concerns and sharing of proprietary data resources. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has criticized the United States government for considering during the “Megaupload” seizure process that people lose property rights by storing data on a cloud computing service.

Another major concern regarding SaaS is the question of who is in “possession” of the data. If a company is the possessor of the data, the possessor has certain legal rights. If the cloud company is the “custodian” of the data, then a different set of rights would apply. The next problem in the legalities of cloud computing is the problem of legal ownership of the data. Many Terms of Service agreements are silent on the question of ownership. These legal issues are not confined to the time period in which the cloud based application is actively being used. There must also be consideration for what happens when the provider-customer relationship ends. In most cases, this event will be addressed before an application is deployed to the cloud. However, in the case of provider insolvencies or bankruptcy the state of the data may become blurred.

One notable criticism of SaaS comes from Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation, who considers the use of SaaS to be a violation of the principles of free software.  According to Stallman:

  • With SaaS, the users do not have a copy of the executable file: it is on the server, where the users can’t see or touch it. Thus it is impossible for them to ascertain what it really does, and impossible to change it. SaaS inherently gives the server operator the power to change the software in use, or the users’ data being operated on.
  • Users must send their data to the server in order to use them. This has the same effect as spyware: the server operator gets the data. She/he gets it with no special effort, by the nature of SaaS. This gives the server operator unjust power over the user.

Despite these limitations SaaS seems to be dominating on its brighter side. In a recent “Wall Street Journal” article, it sites that firms using SaaS services ranges  from legal firms to small retailers. Beyond 2011, the future for the cloud computing market seems to only get better. SaaS and other cloud applications are expected to grow dramatically in the next 2-5 years.

With global connectivity becoming a norm with technology, accessing applications via cloud computing, have a greater chance of gaining credibility as people will be accustomed to the advantages that SaaS provides. Analysts are seeing SaaS as the primary type of cloud investment with citing 82% using today and 84% looking forward to SaaS for deploying their new applications.

How to grow your business online

There can be thousands of quotes and influential thoughts which may bring bright light in your life and may give proper inspiration to grow up in your business. But there are many practical action, which can only bring the actual results and rightly ripe fruits.

business growthAsking a question how to grow your business online is a simple task, but expansion of a business firm using online resources such as internet, website, blogs, social medias, affiliate marking, digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing and pay per click campaigns is a big task. Let me discuss some of the interesting features needed to grow your business online.


For every sector, best leadership is essential for development and growth. A leadership with motivation, support, advice, creativity, experience can make a gull difference. If the leading person is ready to move with innovation and latest trends and able to adopt useful methods, the whole system will be greatly benefited.

Online Web Presence

There are many options to increase your web presence. The search engine optimization can increase your web presence through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Social media optimization can increase your web presence through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. If you are aiming a business growth by increasing online customers, you have to achieve a better online presence. Instead of doing optimization works for achieving more visits and users conducting optimization for quality visitors and targeted audience can help you to achieve more conversion rates. So always aim for quality visitors and specific keywords so that you can convert a great number of organic visits and referral visits to business queries. Getting publicity and online presence not an easy task. There are several ways to get online presence and increase online popularity. If the campaigns are  aiming particular targets, conducting search engine optimization is a must. A website with optimized pages can bring wide number of online customers. The pages needs to be visible to search engines, website design must be business converting. Content must be user friendly. The website construction must be search engine friendly as well as user friendly. Search engine friendliness is for easy crawl cache by search engine robots. Pages must be providing enough navigation options for more pageviews, reaching contact form, registration, interactions etc.

Search Engine Optimization

If your business organization already have a website and if you are aiming a long term prospective promotion, search engine optimization is the most effective way to grow your business. First of all you need do a research on how to find a best seo. Because it is very important that you have identified a right person to optimize your website for search engines. Google and other search engines change their algorithms regularly so choosing an appropriate SEO is most important thing in Search Engine Optimization. As I have said above SEO optimization should be adopted in a long term prospective, and so the need of finding best white hat SEO. If you go with low cost seo or companies providing cheap SEO services, their practices may harm your website in search engine ranking.

Planned internet marketing

Well planned internet marketing combined with SEO, SMM, PPC campaigns can certainly mark huge growth for your business. Instead of searching for low cost digital marketing service providers, constituting a internet marketing team with experienced SEO Analyst, Social Media person and search engine marketing experts can boost up the business growth.

Equipped in house marketing team

Building up best work culture environment, energetic and motivating leadership, develop and upgrade the skills and abilities of team, providing best values as breath in work atmosphere can bring magnificent changes in your business growth.

Google Checkout vs Paypal

Everybody know the funds are the main units for a business, so keeping a right choice to clear the transfer of fund via secure transaction is very important to business owners. Choosing the way of action or activity for fund transaction should be according to its transparency, speed, with clean records etc. Otherwise it may directly or indirectly affect the potentials of the business. Nobody wants to loose their well earned reputation, money, customers and name. Protecting the factors which may bring some bad remarks about own institutions are a must for business firms to keep their brand name and image.

Electronic payment system

Electronic payment is one of the needs of online transactions these days where people have lots of bills to pay, receipts to fund and donate and earn. If you own an online business, an electronic payment system is vital to your success. That is unless you want to have your customers mail in checks and cash, but that is risky and probably won’t attract many customers. One of the best payment tools used these days are Google Checkout and PayPal.

When it comes to pay or charge, charged for the payment transaction- both are equally good. Near and neck to neck. Not much difference. Google Checkout and PayPal have similar pricing models. Each has the following charges at the listed monthly sales amounts:

1.         Up to $3,000 in sales: 2.9% + $.30

2.         $3,000 to $10,000: 2.5% + $.30

3.         $10,000+ : 2.2% + $.30

If u generates $100,000 in sales through your website, than Google Checkout fees drop to 1.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Online payment processing services

One of the reason why people prefer PayPal is that the offer reports, payment processing, account support, billing information and statements in their transaction online. It’s detailed and customized. Enhanced services like, fax, phone and email orders are also listed if you also accept those. Variety is a weak point of Google checkout. Google Checkout is more of a one-size-fits-all program. With Google Checkout, customers can only pay via credit or debit card.  People like me, who don’t have a card, what shall they do? PayPal takes care of that too. You can have a bank account and that’s it. With various banks to bank in, PayPal is associated with almost each country’s banking services. PayPal is ahead in this game as of now. If we compare the commission fees of Google check out and paypal, their charges are same. In this sense, paypal will be the advisable option of online business transaction when comparing to Google Check out.

Google Checkout is said to boost click through rates. While, when it comes to branding, PayPal is the famous as trusted option which is the most well known payment method. As far as customer satisfaction goes, the customer service available in Google checkout is through mail only while in PayPal, you can talk on phone, call and figure out your problem, toll free. Fraud protection for under $50 is nil in PayPal, while Google is the king of giving security for any amount. One thing in which both of them have disappointed is the fact that none of them offers Google Adwords Bonus. For subscriptions, PayPal is easy to use functions for subscriptions and transaction while Google checkout is currently involved with beta only. What about Digital content sales? Google checkout Is quite interesting here, By default operates under ‘pessimistic delivery,’ meaning in rare cases when credit card authorization takes longer than usual, Google Checkout will not deliver content until authorization is complete. For count where access is revocable, vendor can choose ‘optimistic delivery’. Retrieve funding is manual in PayPal and automatic in Google checkout. The record keeping is sophisticated invoice system suited to small businesses for PayPal users, while Google checkout is focused on rudimentary record keeping.

Does buyer need to make account? For PayPal, it’s not compulsory. But for Google, you need to have an account.  Are there Process payments without leaving your page? PayPal, yes. $30/month, SSL certificate required developer integration tool to check out. Full service checkout only in Google checkout.

Actually you can use Google check out and paypal in useful manner if you use them separately for different purposes. For example, if you regularly use ebay or you have regular transactions with Ebay, using paypal will be the better choice. If you buy from eBay a lot, you want a PayPal account. But again, it’s about preference. Like, mostly dealing with international accounts and customers, you need PayPal; it feels more secure and generalized. It’s like a private organization giving you support and security. And on the other side, there is Google checkout which is like a governmental organization, which you believe to be better and fairer.

If you have money transactions regularly with many website Google Checkout will be the right option for you. Whichever you pick, both have great protection for both the buyer and the seller, and both have excellent customer service. The numbers of users for both the transaction systems have increased over the years and will do so, in upcoming years. Both are going strong. Some people have account in both the checkouts for payment and easy. For multi purpose money transaction and businesses uses, both the Google check out and paypal are recommended. Personal users have different opinion about each if they, the pros and cons are all sorted out. It is your turn to now choose one.

Paypal express checkout

It is true that a good percentage of paypal users do not know about most of its easily usable features. You know about paypal express checkout ? It is the attractive facility which paypal provides to its customers for availing a quick transaction. I have recently read an article which was shared by Guy Kawasaki in his twitter account.  Actually it was published in Mashable and its description was posted in Alltop website. It was about 25 most business terms that a business owner need to be known. In the article published in Mashable website, there paypal merchant account.

Choose how you want to pay

Paypal promotes its payment options with attractive words saying “Choose how you want to pay”

It is most funny thing that Paypal advertises in Google and achieves its huge number of customers through Google Adwords.

But Google is too gentle and not using its own resources to compete with Paypal.

Send money quickly and easily

Another promoting words from the side of Paypal which is also promoted through Google Adwords is “Send money quickly and easily”

When the campaigns get rushing and crashing, when we feel real spark in competition and business fights, it is unfortunate to hear the news of retirement of Google Checkout. It cannot be seen as one of the miracles originated in digital and online marketing campaigns.

You wish to share your opinion on Google Checkout vs Paypal, feel free to ad as comments. Which payment choice you prefer? Google Checkout or Paypal.

SEO secrets for 2013 reveals

The time of revealing SEO secrets ended. Not what we need to reveal is the secret things we should not do in our seo practice.

SEO for getting Quality Visitors

I used to be very proud when I read search engine optimization as an effective art for attracting search engines. Conduct some effective operations in your website by researching on how to get quality traffic by Search engine optimization practices. Because there is big difference in between getting more web traffic and getting quality visitors. I mean, optimize website and web pages for quality targeted audience. After a long keyword research and identifying keywords which has huge search volume may not bring any benefits. So instead of getting huge number of visitors, concentrate on getting visits which can be converted into queries and business.

A good percentage of people in the world believes that everything will go towards power. Moving by understanding what kind of power is kept will be good. Before that one must know that kind of power is good for him. Where it is money power, or it is power of information, or a spiritual power.

Here I wish to reveal some SEO secrets which are relevant to the current situation of search engine optimization practice.

There are tons of website and blogs are available on SEO secrets. Even you can purchase and read a book on search engine optimization secrets.

I think each and every newcomers to SEO must learn few SEO secrets on what are the things he should not do in SEO.

Yes I am going to talk about the bad seo practice called spam indexing.

Big SEO secrets of 2013 is knowing what are the spam activities that an SEO must not do. Can we be more responsible to our works.

Keep red signal or close your eyes against these activities:

1 Content Spamming

a Keyword stuffing

b Hidden or invisible text

c Meta tag stuffing

d Door way pages

e Scraper sites

f Article spamming

2 Link Spamming

a) Link building software

b) Hidden links

c) Sybil Attack

d) Spam blogs

e) Page hijacking

f) Buying expired domains

g) Cookie stuffing

h) Comment spam

i) Wiki spamming

If you need a training in search engine optimization here is my phone number (0091 – 9020807078) Feel free to call me for SEO consultation and guidelines.

Clock and its evolution: Clock-ed

“Time in itself, absolutely, does not exist; it is always relative to some observer or some object. Without a clock I say ‘I do not know the time’. Without matter time itself is unknowable. Time is a function of matter; and matter therefore is the clock that makes infinity real.”

― John Fowles, Aristos

clockClock is an instrument or a device of daily use which helps us keep track of time is the oldest human inventions. Watches, grandfathers Victorian clock and fancy clock on mobile and I phone’s…how much has this device for measuring and displaying the time evolved?

Horology is the study of time and timepieces. Sundial was the first kinds of devices in ancient time which resemble the clock. Candle clocks and sticks made of incense were also used in those sandy slow times. Clepsydra which is a water clock became an efficient invention in places where rivers and seas were found. Babylonians and Greeks divided the day into 12 hours each of light and dark. In 1283, a large clock was installed at Dunstable Priory.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, clock making flourished. Peter Henlein in Germany built a spring loaded Clock around 1510 then came a Clock with a minute hand which was invented by Jost Burgi. Then in 1656 Christian Huygens made a Pendulum Clock that worked very well. Equation clocks were made during the period of late 17th and 18th century. Quartz Crystal Clocks gained momentum in the late 1970’s. Alarm clocks were in use since 1950’s. In 1840, Alexander Bain patented the electric clock in 1840. Now we have Digital Clocks, and the popular Clocks are Projection Clocks where one does not have to raise or turn his head to see the time.

Clocks can be differentiated into analog clocks, digital clocks, auditory clocks, world clocks, projection clocks, tactile clocks, multi-display clocks. Apart from showing time, clocks have become a major fashion accessory and it may also be used to control a device according to time, e.g. an alarm clock, a VCR, or a time bomb. Nowadays, clocks come in every shape and size. Surely, the clocks have evolved a lot. Proto-clock, 1-handed Clock, 2-handed Clock, 3-handed Clock, and 4-handed clock and clocks which have been developed with precision of more minute and sincere time quotients are in rage today, in markets.

How interactions helps your business

Online Marketing InterationThe world is changing for each and every aspects. Thus it caught up in marketing also. Where new thoughts and ideas rules will dominate and the classical ways give ways to the ideas which generate high stimulation in the market. Big farewell to all areas of online marketing where drawing the attention of search engine robots to stuffy hard content marketing.

The SEO world is no more remaining for the the search engine optimization fellows who practice classic SEO ways and link building strategies. What the latest changes in search engine algorithms says that, the process of ordinary search not  even exists now. Now what we do is a kind of interaction with search engines. For example when we start entering a term in to text box of the Google search engine, the Google stats says back its related terms which comes automatically from their data base. So instead of giving a search results, Google search engine is really doing a interaction with the searchers. Several studies and research conducted by agencies like Moz and Search engine Land has already proved that Google bots will not crawl the pages and links created using Java scripts. So there ends the automated link building ways many companies used and kept secret as their success in search engine visibility and organic result business promotion. If you wish to buildup a business using search engine optimization possibilities, you need to optimize your website highly interactive. Where things like user activities, responses, revisits, social signals contributes the maximum power to a web page to be listed in the prior positions of search engine results.

Idea deals leads in the market where the for-fathers got real headache of competition. While analyzing the last months of 2012, there were plenty of gains to top social achieving better signals of interactions. Hope the Christmas season and New year interactions brought the power. Some of research done by BizLark online marketing team reveals that there was huge drop down in achievements due strict Google updation. While the websites with platforms for interactions have increase their ranking and points.

Some of the projects watched under the research which belongs to vacation and hospitality, realtors marked with good spikes of hit. Hope the interaction bring more points currently. Once you got some response as comments and opinions in your blogs and forums, try to interact back to the users, Keep the relations better for your future deals.